1968 Hot Wheels Commercials – The Original 16 HotWheels Classic

1968-Hot-Wheels-Commercials-01These are some cool 1968 Hot Wheels Commercials..The year Hot Wheels started!! Sixteen new vehicles were released on this year. The were also known as “The Original 16.”  Enjoy 🙂

1968-Hot-Wheels-Commercials-02 1968-Hot-Wheels-Commercials-03

The Original List of 1968 Hot Wheels

* Beatnik Bandit (designed by Ed Roth)
* Custom Barracuda
* Custom Camaro
* Custom Corvette
* Custom Cougar
* Custom Eldorado
* Custom Firebird
* Custom Fleetside
* Custom Mustang
* Custom T-Bird
* Custom Volkswagen (designed by Ira Gilford)
* Deora
* Ford J-Car
* Hot Heap
* Python (designed by Dean Jeffries, based on Bill Cushenberry’s “Cheetah” show car)
* Silhouette



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