Leona Chin, the Sales Girl Drifts Customers in Mitsubishi Triton Pickup Truck


Check out this awesome prank by Leona Chin, a famous Malaysian Car Drifter acts as a Sales Girl shocks customers in a Mitsubishi Triton Pickup Truck test drive. Enjoy 😀

Car sales woman has a bad first day at work and decides to show off her drifting skills to her customers


TOC Interview with Leona Chin

If you meet Leona Chin outside of a racetrack, you probably wouldn’t have guessed she’s Malaysia’s drift queen, much less a professional race driver who’s been racing for 5 years. Behind the youthful exuberance and bubbly demeanour is a seasoned racer who goes up against the pros, sometimes even on a weekly basis! Don’t let her demure looks fool you, Leona’s quite the gear head, and personally tinkers with her racing machines! Meet Leona Chin, Malaysia’s drift queen.

The Otomotif College catches up with Leona Chin at Sepang International Circuit during the Japan Super GT weekend in a candid interview as she talks about entering the sport, the challenges, and herself!

Did you always want to be in motorsports?

Back in school my friends were nuts for cars. They’d quiz each other about the specs of a car, and eventually I joined in too. Pretty soon, I could name car models and engine types just looking at the picture! All those rounds of playing Gran Turismo 2 back on the PlayStation 2 helped too!

How did you get into drifting in the first place?

It all started when I brought my 1989 Nissan Silvia (my pride and joy!) to the workshop. The mechanic remarked that the car is pretty good for drifting, and I should give it a spin. So one day I drove to an empty parking lot and he taught me basic drift maneuvers like the donut and figure of eight. Before long, I was practicing them regularly and wearing out a lot of tyres!

How did you turn those practices into a professional career?

I signed up for a time trial, and didn’t do too bad in my debut (laughs). But eventually I was headhunted by Red Bull to learn track driving. It was a two-year stint, so between that and other gymkhana events, I was building up my experiences in different racing types from circuit, to rallying to time trials and drag races.

What’s your favourite kind of motorsport events?

Definitely drift racing. It’s fun, relaxing, and you’re doing it at your own pace, so you’re challenging yourself first.


What’s the challenge of being a professional race driver?

Every event, every car is an unfamiliar challenge. It’s all about getting used to the car handling, track and driving conditions, and often in a short time. Sometimes you have a week, sometimes you have only the day itself to prepare! Motorsports can also get expensive. Tyres and spare parts get worn out quickly, so having sponsors can really take a lot of pressure of your mind and let you concentrate on the drive.

And the best part about being in motorsports?

Motorsports is very big industry and the best part being in it is the thrill and excitement I get when drifting in drift car. Besides that, I also get more exposure compared to male counterparts because of the comparatively small percentage of females in motorsports.

Do tell about the person behind the wheel. What are the things you like outside of the racetrack? What do you do on a day off?

On my day off, I would be busy blogging. I also love Domo-kun items (I have a Domo-kun plush in my car!), and Korean food.!

And here’s the question guys have been begging to ask. Are you single and available?

Haha.. i’m single

So if a guy were to ask you out, what qualities and interests would he possess?

The qualities of a guy must be trustworthy, loyal, outgoing, extrovert, smart and family oriented. Of course, he has to be supportive in my motorsports career too!

Leona personally attending to her modified BMW 5 Series at the Ultra Racing Gymkhana Trials 2012.

You’re driving one mean machine for this event (a custom BMW 5 Series sporting an Infiniti VH45DE V8 engine). What’s the dream machine that’s in your must drive  list?

Dream Machine would be BMW M5, Lotus Exige S, and last but not least Lamborghini Reventon,

Thanks very much! So wha’s next for you in the coming weeks and months?

I’ve just gotten back from a drift event at Surabaya, Indonesia, After that, it’s more race events until the Raya holidays.


Source URL : http://www.toc.edu.my/news/toc-interview-with-leona-chin/rn


About Leona Chin | Leona Chin’s profile

Name 名字 Leona Chin Lyweoi 利念娜( 陈莉慧)
Nationality 国籍 Malaysian马来西亚人民
Occupation 职业 Business Owner 企业家


Motorsports Athlete 赛车运动员

Social Media Content Creator 社会化媒体影响者

Hobbies 爱好 Motorsports 赛车运动
Birthday 生日 23 July 1986 (1986年7月23日)
Siblings 姐妹  4th in a family of 5 Girls
Email 电子邮件 leonachin88@gmail.com
Languages 语言 English, Malay, Mandarin, Japanese 英语,马来语,华语,日语
Facebook 面子书 GirlDrifterLeonaChin
Instagram leonachin
Twitter leonachin
Googleplus +leonachin888
youtube youtube.com/user/leonachin
linkedin my.linkedin.com/in/leonachin888
weibo 微博 weibo.com/leonachinofficial
youku 优酷网 Youku-利念娜
douyin 抖音 1089434471



Leona Chin Lyweoi 陈莉慧 ( born July 23, 1986) is a Malaysian professional racing driver. Born in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. She is the 4th child of 5 sisters. Leona’s mother is a widower, her father passed away when Leona was 16 years old. Leona started liking cars at the age of 16, attending racing events and car exhibitions, she achieve her Malaysian driving license at the age 18, and started motorsport drifting at the age 20. Leona’s current roles are Professional Racing driver & Motorsport Athlete, with occasional participations on Online and TV Appearances. Leona is also a social media Content Creator, as well as operating her own online shop on mudah.my. Chin also appears in a few movies as a professional stunt driver, along with numerous ambassadorship for brands( view partners ) .

Growing up, Leona studied at Catholic High School Malaysia. She further her studies at Northumbria University. Leona owned a Nissan 180sx/200sx at the age of 20 with the support of her mother.  When she was at the workshop, a drift racer Ser Ming Hui approached her. Admittedly, he was surprised to see a girl with such a car but he told her that she should consider drifting given that she already had the potential car for it. It may seem a bit of a funny story, but fate intervened as this stranger felt compelled to change her world. He offered to teach her to drift. In return, he asked Leona to design his website for him. It was an exchange of services. Everything she knew about drifting and racing, she learnt from watching Youtube how to videos and asking experts for advice and participated in various drift events to gain experience. In order to fund her motorsports hobby, Leona sells t-shirts online, and became a primary school tutor on her free time. Leona entered a female driver search in 2008 and made it to the final for the Red Bull Female Driver Search. The 4 finalist entered the Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race 12 hour in 2008 with a fully sponsored race car a Honda Integra DC2, race support team, and training courses. The Red Bull Rookies Team finished 6th in the class. Leona continued the following year and taught the new finalist her driving skills for 2009. Leona completed Red Bull Rookies Team 2010 and began participating in other disciplines of motorsports such as Gymkhana, Rally and Autocross, Circuit racing, Time Attack with her own team to look for sponsors. She began creating her own YouTube channel and became a social media content creator. In 2015, she collaborated with Maxman.TV for a prank video of a nerdy student drifting a Nissan Silvia with driving instructors and made it to international fame. The video collected 40 over million views on Youtube and many more views on other video platforms. Leona and Maxman.TV received an award from WebTVAsia for the Freaking Awesome Video of the year award in 2015. Leona was invited to China to appear in a Reality TV Show for Xuan Feng Che Shou ( F-TEAM) filmed in Zhuhai China with Top China Celebrities like Jimmy Lin, Liu Tao, Yu Quan and Zhou Yong as mentors.  Leona performed with a Hyundai Genesis loaned to her by her friend at ShenZhen, China. Her performance amazed the mentors as well as the audience in the studio. Leona made it to the final 8 before getting eliminated due to an ACL leg injury. Although having a leg injury, Leona did not stop driving, she came back to Malaysia and performed a drift show for BMW Auto Bavaria and meeting WRC Champion Jari Matti Latvala for a challenge with Volkswagen Malaysia with crutches and a knee brace. Leona went through ACL physiotherapy and training at the National Sports Complex Bukit Jalil. Leona also competed in Caterham Motorsports Championship full season with a Caterham Super Seven. Leona completed the Championship of 12 races winning 2nd overall in the championship series. Leona also participated in an 6 hour endurance race at Guangdong, China with a chinese team driving a Subaru BRZ. In 2016 year, Leona and Maxman.TV collaborated for a second prank video for Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s Triton as a sales girl. Following the video, Leona became the ambassador for Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia. WebTVAsia (artist management company) signed Leona Chin up as a talent and sponsored Leona a full season of Clio Cup China Series in 2016. Leona participated in Clio Cup China Series 2016 and raced the full season with numerous podium finishes, achieving overall runner up in the Clio Cup China Series Championship. Leona also became a stunt driver for a leading actress for upcoming Chinese movie called Reborn. Chin also collaborated with Oreo Nabisco for a Oreo dunk challenge video advertisement drifting her Nissan Silvia S15 In 2017 year, Leona became a team owner and manager for Mudah Racing Team for the TGR Challenge. She participated in Sepang 1000km in a Suzuki Swift and finished 8th in class.

Experiences  in Motorsports since 2006 (自2006年以来经历的赛车)

2006 – Astro X-tuned Drift TV Show
2007 – UITM Drift Clinic
2007 – Shah Alam Drift Attack
2007 – Pekan Fest Street Shoot Out Drift Challenge
2007 – Bukit Jalil Drift Attack
2007 – Malaysian Drift Challenge 2007
2007 – JAPAN GT Street Shoot-out Drift Challenge
2007 – Pandamaran Klang Show Drift
2008 – Bukit Jalil KBS Tandem/Twin Drift
2008 – KBS Sunday Drift
2008 – Merdeka Millennium Endurance Qualified 1st in class
2009 – Sepang 1000km
2009 – Super GT Yokohama Drift Demo with Keiichi Tsuchiya
2009 – Rally Sprint Series (Champion- Ladies and Junior in Class)
2010 – Go Kart Enduro
2010 – Honda Racing Ultimate Challenge
2011 – Batu Pahat Ultra Racing Drift Challenge 2011
2011 – Saturday Night Fever Round 4
2011 – HPC 4 hour Endurance Race
2011 – Conemasters Gymkhana Sepang 2011
2011 – Cyberjaya Gymkhana 2011
2011 – Saturday Night Fever Round 5
2011 – GRA 2011 – Round 2
2011 – Speedcity Racepod 5
2011 – Saturday Night Fever Round 6
2011 – Ultra Racing Ambassador 2011
2011 – Qmax Racing Ambassador 2011
2011 – Appearance in Astro Wah Lai Toi 72 ExtremeJob episode 9
2011 – GRA Round 4
2011 – Megalap Time Attack 2011
2012 – Ambassador for Max3 Welding Inverters
2012 – CTA Time Attack 2012
2012 – Guest Appearance in Master Chef Malaysia Celebrity Season
2012 – Saturday Night Fever Round 1
2012 – Saturday Night Fever Round 2
2012 – Megalap Time Attack Round 1
2012 – Proton Power of 1 Challenge of Champions 2012
2012 – Saturday Night Fever Round 3
2012 – Malaysia Race of Champions 2012
2012 – Ultra Racing Labour Day Gymkhana Challenge
2012 – Megalap Time Attack Round 2
2012 – Saturday Night Fever Round 4
2012 – GRA Nationals Round 1
2012 – ZTH Time To Attack Sepang Round 1
2012 – Dragtimes2U Dato Sagor Drag 2012
2012 – Ultra Racing HIN Gymkhana Challenge (Jogjakarta)
2012 – Ultra Racing GT Gymkhana Challenge
2012 – Ultra Racing HIN Gymkhana Challenge (Surabaya)
2012 – Get Off The Streets, Get On The Track
2012 – ZTH Time To Attack Sepang Round 2
2012 – Spark Motorsports Track Day
2012 – Megalap Time Attack Round 4
2012 – Ultra Racing HIN Gymkhana Challenge (Penang)
2012 – Ultra Racing The Star Motor Carnival Gymkhana Challenge
2012 – Saturday Night Fever Round 6
2012 – Penang Mean Machines
2012 – Ambassador for Opal Auto Mart
2012 – Conemasters  Gymkhana
2012 – Saturday Night Fever Round 7
2012 – Trax on Track Gymkhana
2012 – Megalap Time Attack Round 6
2012 – Saturday Night Fever Round 8 Racing Cars Class 1 5th
2012 – Spark Motorsports Singapore 2nd Driver
2012 – Spark Motorsports Singapore Driving Instructor – Gymkhana Clinic
2012 – Zerotohundred Time To Attack Sepang Round 3
2012 – Melaka Time Attack Pre-Championship 2013
2013 – Spark Motorsports Singapore Driving Instructor – Gymkhana Clinic
2013 – Appearance in OMG Sherbet TV show on Diva Universal
2013 – Ultra Racing Super GT Gymkhana Challenge
2013 – Megalap Time Attack Round 1, 2
2013 – Saturday Night Fever Round 1, 2 , 3
2013 – Ambassador for Prince Lubricants
2013 – Appearance in Career Day – TOC  at Ipoh  Ulu Kinta
2013 – Zerotohundred Time Attack Sepang Round 1
2013 – Ultra Racing ASN Gymkhana Challenge
2013 – Ultra Racing GT Radial Superlap Battle 2013 Rd 1
2013 – Ultra Racing GT Radial Superlap Battle 2013 Rd 1
2013 – Appearance in Career Day – TOC at Petaling Utama
2013 – Appearance in Career Day – TOC at Kolej Vokasional Klang
2013 – Ultra Racing Gymkhana Challenge Series Round 2
2013 – Ultra Racing DTM Gymkhana Challenge Series Round 3
2013 – GAB Speedfest Time Attack 1st in 1.6 category
2013 – Titan Time Attack
2013 – Ultra Racing GT Radial Superlap Battle 2013 Rd 2
2013 – Prince Zerotohundred Time to Attack Sepang
2014 – Zerotohundred TimeToAttack Sepang Round 1 ( Sepang Circuit) Street NA – RWD, 3rd
2014 – Superlap Battle Championship Series 2013 – Final Round (Elite Speedway)Cat 1 Class 4 , 2nd
2014 – Ultra Racing Gymkhana Trials Challenge Series 1(Shah Alam)Precision Cat Ladies, ChampionOpen Cat Ladies, Champion
2014 – TME Titan Time Attack (Melaka MIMC Circuit )Cat F, Champion
2014 – Superlap Battle Championship Series 2014 Round 1(Elite Speedway)Cat3 Class 3, 2ndCat1 Ladies, Champion
2014 – Boxza Bangkok Super Gymkhana (Param 9 Car park)Ladies, Champion
2014 – Ultra Racing GT Radial Superlap Battle 2014 Rd2 (Speedway Plus Circuit)Cat 1 Ladies, ChampionCat 2 Ladies, ChampionCat 1 Class4 2ndCat 2 Class 4, 2nd
2014 – Southern Thailand Gymkhana X (Songkhla)Cat F Ladies, Champion
2014 – Tactical Time Attack Melaka (Melaka MIMC Circuit)Ladies, Champion
2015 – Superlap Round 3,2014 – Time Attack ( Speedway Plus Circuit)Cat 1 Class 4 3rdCat 1 Class 7 2ndCat 1 Ladies ChampionCat 2 Class 4 3rdCat 2 Ladies Champion
2015 – Saturday Night Fever National Series Championship Round 1 (Sepang Circuit)SAGA 1500 Class Champion
2015 – GENERATION X Time Attack Rd 1 (Speedway Plus Circuit)LADIES CATEGORY Champion
2015 – Zerotohundred TimeToAttack Sepang (Sepang Circuit)Super Street Turbo 2wd category, 2nd place
2015 – Saturday Night Fever National Series Championship Round 2 (Sepang Circuit)SAGA 1500 Class, 2nd place
2015 – Caterham Motorsports Championship Round 1(Sepang Circuit) Supersport, 2nd place
2015 – Caterham Motorsports Championship Round 2(Sepang Circuit) Supersport, 1st place
2015 – Caterham Motorsports Championship Round 3(Sepang Circuit) Supersport, 3rd place
2015 – Caterham Motorsports Championship Round 4(Sepang Circuit) Supersport, 3rd place
2015 – 广东卫视-炫风车手 (Zhuhai China) , Top8 Group
2015 – Volkwagen Polo Trophy Challenge with Jari Matti Latvala
2015 – Auto Bavaria Performance Drive with Leona Chin & Hamdan Rohman
2015 – Wako’s Cup Endurance Race Round 3 (Tokachi Circuit Japan) 8th place in class
2015 – Caterham Motorsports Championship Round 6(Sepang Circuit) Supersport, 2nd place
2015 – Caterham Motorsports Championship Round 9(Sepang Circuit) Supersport, 3rd place
2015 – Caterham Motorsports Championship Round 11(Sepang Circuit) Supersport, 3rd place
2015 – Caterham Motorsports Championship Round 12(Sepang Circuit) Supersport, 2nd place
2015 – 风云战6小时耐力赛 (GIC Circuit) B 组,4th place
2016 – Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Ambassador for All New Triton VGT Adventure X
2016 – Clio Cup China Series Race 1 (Zhuhai China) Group A, 5th place
2016 – Clio Cup China Series Race 2 (Zhuhai China) Group A, 3rd place
2016 – Clio Cup China Series Race 3 (Yeongnam Korea) Group A, 2nd place
2016 – Clio Cup China Series Race 4 (Yeongnam Korea) Group A, 2nd place
2016 – Clio Cup China Series Race 5 (Buriram Thailand) Group A, 4th place
2016 – Clio Cup China Series Race 6 (Buriram Thailand) Group A, 4th place
2016 – Clio Cup China Series Race 7 (Shanghai China) Group A, 2nd place
2016 – Clio Cup China Series Race 8 (Shanghai China) Group A, 2nd place
2016 – Clio Cup China Series Race 9 (Zhuhai China) Group A, 2nd place
2016 – Clio Cup China Series Race 10 (Zhuhai China) Group A, 2nd place
2016 – Clio Cup China Series Race 11 (GuangZhou China) Group A, 4th place
2016 – Clio Cup China Series Race 12 (GuangZhou China) Group A, 5th place
2016 – Clio Cup China Series Overall Championship Group A, 2nd place
2016 – CCTV2 车神驾到 Automotive TV Reality Competition Episode 1, Winner
2016 – Borneo Safari 2016 with Team Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia
2016 – Sarawak Jamboree 4×4 Offroad 2016 with Team Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia
2017 – Ambassador for Carpit Malaysia App
2017 – Ambassador for Community Policing CPHelp App
2017 – Ambassador for Mudah.my website
2017 – GoPro Family Member & GoPro Ambassador
2017 – Team Manager for Mudah Racing
2017 – Brand Ambassador for TOPTUL Malaysia
2017 – Brand Ambassador for Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia
2018 – Mini Challenge Asia Series 2018 Exhibition Round, 3rd, Zhuhai, China
Defensive Driving Course(防卫性驾驶课程)
Advanced Driving Course (高级驾驶课程)
Precision Driving Course (精密驾驶课程)
Race Driving Course (赛驾驶课程)
ROSPA National Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction (UK)
SRJK (c) Lick Hung – Primary 1 – 6
SMK Katholik  – Form 1 – 5
Taylors College – Pre – U (South Australian Matriculation)
University of Northumbria (UK)BA (Hons)  in Business Management – Major in Finance
Other Jobs: (其他职位:)
Event Promoter & Organiser 赛事推广及主办机构 for Malaysian Superlap Battle Challenge and UR Gymkhana Challenge
Owner (老板) of Kuraz Motorsports a one-stop car accessories online portal
Circuit Racing Driver (赛车手)
Drifter (漂移车手)
Gymkhana Racer (越野赛车)
Stunt Driver (特技驾驶)
Time Attack Driver (计时赛赛车手)
Rally Driver (拉力赛车手)
Go Kart Racer (卡丁车赛车手)
Partner for WebTVAsia
Spokesperson for Mitsubishi Triton VGT

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